No More Unproductive Meetings! How Technology Can Improve Your Council Meetings

The days of meetings that run too long, that have no zest and that don’t connect with people are numbered. It was only a matter of time before someone realized that this old-fashioned style of meetings was becoming increasingly less effective, and how technology could fix all of that. How many meetings have you been to where there was nothing new presented? Where the agenda was more like a rough outline and merely surviving the meeting felt like an accomplishment?

Have you ever sat there with that pamphlet, that flyer and that two page meeting outline paper in-hand and wonder how many trees died for this? Maybe there has been more than one occasion where you wanted to share valuable information or give feedback, but there was never a forum within the meeting for that. That seems counterproductive doesn’t it?

Now picture this – a meeting that people get excited about and want to attend! This is the new concept of meetings. Let’s face it, if people are dreading that upcoming meeting beforehand, then it is only going to be that much harder to produce a successful and effective event.

The Meeting Agenda
It isn’t uncommon for successful business people to have a meeting penciled into their calendar. Maybe it follows that business closing at 10 a.m. and comes before their flight back at 4 p.m. This is only one of  a hundred possible examples of why having an agenda, and sticking to that agenda is important. Not only is it showing respect for others and placing a value on their time, it is also the way professionals handle events.

Technology permits the tools to keep everyone aware of schedules, updates or changes. Technology will also expedite the meeting, helping everything to flow more smoothly and maintain those agendas.

Be Creative and Innovative
This aspect of meeting planning can be the make or break point. You may be ready to share the newest and most groundbreaking news, something that will impact the entire community but a dry, long and boring meeting could undermine the message, the entire purpose of the meeting. How creative and innovative you get is only limited by the imagination.

With the power of technology meetings can be infused with videos and graphics. Attendees can be engaged and interact with the means afforded through technological aids, meeting planners can be more creative and innovative than ever (and many can get creative for the first time ever!).

Provide Value
In every aspect of the meeting, provide your attendees value. Provide valuable information they can use. Provide opportunities for the community to speak and be heard, a forum where communication and exchange of ideas can happen. Provide value wherever possible.

The litmus test for every meeting is in this question: Did it work? Did your audience benefit and appreciate the meeting? Did your members and audience appreciate your accurate timeline, were answers found…did it work?

Guess what? Technology can provide solutions and answers for these questions and issues too. Maybe the mere value of going green was appreciated? Perhaps having the opportunity to engage and be engaged and having accessible information was the value delivered? Even getting the feedback to these types of questions can be delivered through technological means.

Better Meetings
Have you asked the question, do you want to know how technology can improve your council meetings? The answers will please and amaze you. Technology can save time and money. Technology can provide a centralized platform for dialogue. Technology can help your council meeting do what it was intended to do – fix problems and find solutions.

Council meetings are the core of community, the place where people join to share ideas and implement plans to provide the happiest, healthiest most viable community possible. How can technology help? In every way.